RDNS (Royal District Nursing Service) wanted to mark their 125th anniversary and highlight the history, work and achievements of the organisation. They had an extensive archive of material and many significant RDNS personalities who were willing to share their stories.

Wolf suggested creating an online museum that replicated the museum experience and showcased the stories and the people of the RDNS.


Reflections was designed as a modern online museum. The visual style and animations give the impression of sifting through an old history book. The media content includes scanned images, audio and video, optimised for presentation.

Wolf engaged musician, Nick Thayer, to compose a base ‘Reflections’ theme track, remixed for each decade and theme. A printed hard copy booklet was also created, to act as an accompaniment to the online museum.

Key Improvements

Historical showcase
Great use of rich media content
Interactive user experience
Wolf’s mastery of web construction and sense of design brought to life RDNS’ rich, colourful and often deeply moving 125 year history in an online museum that looks professional, friendly and easy to navigate. I appreciated their skill and ability to understand and support the brief and create something that looks as good as it works.

– Evan Gordon | General Manager - Marketing and Planning, RDNS

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