Headspace is a vital resource that provides early intervention services to young people in relation to health, drug and alcohol assistance.

Headspace has grown impressively and wanted to capture this evolution, while educating a broader audience on their work.

To acknowledge the achievements of this initiative, Wolf and headspace created 'Telling the headspace story', a vivid, inspiring and interactive site that pays tribute to the people - politicians, centre staff, and ambassadors - who recognised the need for, and importance of, such a service.


The headspace story is a totally custom, interactive piece that encapsulates a bright sense of energy while complementing the existing branding. Wolf travelled across the country to film people involved with headspace, then brought a pool of polished rich media to the site using the latest in web technologies.

The site makes a scintillating first impression with a lively suite of clickable videos, a flowing scroll and a feel that reflects the headspace philosophy and suits the audience - it's bright, friendly and positive, while still being hip. It's also fully responsive, able to be viewed at full capacity across all devices.

Key Improvements

Program success snapshot
Future funding pitch piece
Team acknowledgement
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