50 Degrees North is a specialist travel company with an emphasis on the Nordic and Arctic regions, Scandinavia, Greenland, Iceland, Russia, the Baltic States and Mongolia.

They were looking for a new website that would reflect the excitement and energy of these destinations and inspire potential customers to book a tour.
As a high-end travel company, they required a seamless, stylish site that matched their service and was both inspiring and intuitive, leading potential customers through the site easily and making transactions smooth.


With such amazing destinations as their business, it made sense to really showcase the grandeur of the places with striking travel photography.
Wolf created a homepage that features a rotation of visually stunning destination images and a crisp user interface which allows the customer to easily engage with the site and flow through to tours without effort or confusion.

The site has been designed to be flexible, supporting different imagery, messaging and highlighting new promotions. Wolf overlayed a 'Find your perfect destination' search function across the image and dynamic content further down the page to keep the site seasonally relevant.

Key Improvements

Qualified enquiries
Geo-specific content
Immediate brand positioning
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