Wolf Interactive

Founded by Stuart Gonsal, Wolf Interactive is an award-winning digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Working with diverse clients, Wolf adopts an agile approach to providing digital services, including premium websites, responsive design, strategy and branding, e-Commerce systems and content marketing

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"Wolves are beautiful, majestic and brave animals. They are in tune with their environment, with their senses and instinct, and have the ability to behave accordingly. It occurred to me that these are the same qualities required when working in the digital space, and they are the qualities we aspire to. Our team has the skills, experience and instinct to help our clients succeed and thrive. Wolf is tuned in to a client's aims and can pick out the best marketing opportunities. It's a boutique organization, small enough to be nimble, keen enough to fearless."

– Stuart Gonsal, founder, Wolf Interactive

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"Wolf's mastery of web construction and sense of design brought to life RDNS' rich colourful and often deeply moving 125 year history in an online museum that looks professional, friendly and easy to navigate. I appreciated their skill and ability to understand and support the brief and create something that looks as good as it works."

– Evan Gordon, General Manager — Marketing and Planning, RDNS