Posted 14 June 2015

Do’s & dont’s of email marketing

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Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

No one wants to cut corners, especially when running a business. Maybe you simply didn’t want to go outside of your business, your thought process is no different. Maybe you simply didn’t want to go outside of your business for help but didn’t know how to do it on your own. Either way, you are about to be pleasantly surprised in both regards, for there are a few very affordable marketing agency options out there that specialize in this exact type of business, like Wolf Interactive for instance. This list of Do’s and Don’ts is here to help you and your business send appealing and effective marketing emails that will help bring more traffic to your website.


Do – Have a specific buyer persona, and target it

There is no rule that says if you send an email to one lead, you must send it to the others. If there were such a rule, it would actually read quite the opposite. No business has just one buyer persona. Every product appeals to slightly different groups of potential buyers. Since you want 100% of the communication with your leads to be positive experiences, you have every incentive to try to tailor each email to one specific buyer persona. Make the lead feel like you are speaking directly to them.

Don’t – Overkill your leads with emails

It is good to direct some of your messages to individual groups, but sometimes you may want to include everyone else on the list. Perhaps you are having a sale on several products in your store, and everyone needs to know. Don’t worry about emailing everyone at once, although sometimes there may be an exception. There is no better way to make someone unsubscribe or block you than to overload an inbox.

Do – Keep it simple

Some amateur marketers make the mistake of trying to minimize the amount of emails sent by cramming too much information into one message. When reading advertisement emails, people need to be able to grasp your message right away. Sometimes you only get a glance or two before they move on, so you want to keep the superfluous information to a minimum and make sure the important information stands out.

Don’t – Make it difficult to unsubscribe

If there is one thing a website can do to infuriate anyone, it is to make the unsubscribe button faulty or difficult to find. It comes off as devious and unfriendly, which is the exact opposite message you should be trying to send.  And if someone does unsubscribe, make sure they are removed from the email list right away. Nothing is more offputting than going through the trouble to get off an unwanted email list only to receive an email from them the very next day.

Do – Make your emails visually stimulating

No one likes to get boring, text-only emails from businesses. If I am going to be looking at an advertisement email, it better be appealing to the eye. Use pictures, colorful type, and bullet points to help keep the messages simple and attractive.

Don’t – Get comfortable in one format

You don’t want to fall into the common trap of creating one email template and then use it for everything. The whole point of content marketing is to keep presenting your company in new and exciting ways, so why let your emails get old after the first week, try and mix it up! Be spotaneous!


It really isn’t difficult to market your business in unique ways everyday. Have a plan that you can stick to. Every decision should be motivated by the desire to develop quality leads. If you take these tips for your email marketing into consideration, you will surely see a jump in inbound traffic, and overall traffic for that matter, to your site.


Originally posted 20 January 2015

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