Posted 8 May 2016

A new SilverStripe is coming

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Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

Last month news was announced that the SilverStripe 4 alpha release is on its way. The SilverStripe team are still working on the new features, in the meantime has given a snapshot of what they’ve been working on. The team at Wolf Interactive are looking forward to working with the new release soon.

The first alpha release will feature:

Complete rebuild of files and images section

Those of you who have used the KickAssets module are familiar with the improvements it makes to the user experience of managing data. The new AssetAdmin (“Files & Images”) in was heavily influenced by its features and design. Expect it to include most of the features of KickAssets, and a few more.


SilverStripe 4 will introduce TinyMCE, a platform independent, browser-based WYSIWYG editor control, written in JavaScript and released as open source software. It can convert HTML text area fields or other HTML elements into editor instances.

First class files

Files can be previewed and published, just like pages now, and they’re protected by default.


Campaigns are sets of changes to one or many bodies of content that can be published all at once.

File system abstraction

For as long as we can all remember, data and images have been handled in a unique way in SilverStripe. In SilverStripe 4, SS will deprecate the old relationships to File and create a new interface. Developers can also expect to see more options coming down the track.

Original article by Arron Carlino, published on the SilverStripe blog 18/05/2016.
Read it here



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