Posted 26 April 2016

Powerful Performance with Magento 2.0

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The goal for merchants today is clear: consistently deliver great customer experiences that turn first-time buyers into loyal customers. Magento’s open, flexible platform empowers merchants to quickly and cost- effectively create innovative shopping experiences across all touch points that attract new customers and inspire them to return again and again.

Powerful Performance and Scalability are additional, advanced features found exclusively in Magento Enterprise Edition.Multiple Master Servers

Multiple Master Servers

Scale the database tier of your Magento application by using separate master databases to support Checkout, Order Management, and Product Data. This division allows different functional areas to be isolated from each other and scaled independently to meet varying system load requirements.

Multiple Slave Databases

Magento Enterprise Edition allows each master database to have multiple slave databases to scale read operations.MySQL Cluster Support

MySQL Cluster Support

Horizontally scale your Checkout and Order Management databases to ensure high availability through Magento Enterprise Edition’s support for MySQL Cluster, a third-party solution. MySQL Cluster manages data sharing over multiple database instances so multiple master databases can be used to increase your capacity.Job Queue Mechanism

Job Queue Mechanism

Magento Enterprise Edition includes a new job queue framework based on Rabbit MQ that enables asynchronous processing of tasks using separate resources for optimized performance. It is currently used to support deferred stock updates (see below), but is expected to support sending emails, indexing, and order insertions in subsequent releases. Developers can also take advantage of job queuing for extensions and customizations that require highly scalable processing.

Deferred Stock Updates

Make sure you don’t miss any orders during high transaction periods by using the optional deferred stock update configuration. Deferred stock updates for individual products or an entire website take advantage of the new job queue mechanism to allow inventory levels to update asynchronously as orders are placed to improve throughput.

Scalable Backend Product Management

Increase productivity with a scalable Magento Admin that can support large teams making simultaneous and immediate product updates.

Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database

Media files can be stored in a database on a database server or on a content delivery network (CDN), as opposed to storing them on the file system of the web server. This leads to quicker page load times and less activity on the server.

Order Archiving

Archive orders after a configurable time period to increase store performance and provide efficiencies in store management. Orders are still available to both Admin users and customers after they’re archived.

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