Posted 14 June 2015

Wolf creates Wet Rocks flash games

Written By : Marco Rosano Visit Marco's LinkedIn Profile

Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

Wolf, in conjunction with the Swinburne Univerity Design Centre, has created 3 Flash games called Wet Rocks. The games are pitched at Year 7 to 9 students, educating them on the use of ground water.

Swinburne created a visual design based loosely on an island theme, using pastel colours, cartoon characters, buildings and landscapes. Three games were created, each representing aspects of the key messages. Wolf’s role was to refine the game concepts and visuals, then handle all tech implementation and music composition. A key was to ensure we got the balance right in terms of game difficulty. Getting the audio right was another key factor. We collaborated with our pro musician Nick Thayer to create a completely custom soundtrack. We referenced games like Halfbrick’s Raskulls and Banjo-Kazooie, in line with the cartoon island visual style and theme. One main track was created then remixed heavily to ensure each game is distinct. Play Wet Rocks!


Originally published 21 December 2014

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