Posted 22 March 2016

Increased Customer Loyalty with Magento 2.0

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The goal for merchants today is clear: consistently deliver great customer experiences that turn first-time buyers into loyal customers. Magento’s open, flexible platform empowers merchants to quickly and cost- effectively create innovative shopping experiences across all touch points that attract new customers and inspire them to return again and again.

Increased Customer Loyalty is an additional, advanced feature found exclusively in Magento Enterprise Edition.

Rewards Points

Build shopper loyalty through special reward programs. Points can be awarded for purchases, registering for a customer account, newsletter signups, product review submissions, and more. Redemption rules are configurable so you can set caps on the number of reward points that can be accrued and determine when reward points expire.

Store Credits

Issue store credits that can be tied to customer accounts. You can also refund orders for store credit or virtual gift cards to be used toward future purchases.

Multiple Wish Lists

Customers can save products to multiple wish lists and copy or move items between lists. They can make their wish lists public so they’re searchable by anyone, and you can review these lists to learn about their wants and interests.

Gift Registry

Enable customers to create gift registries for special occasions such as new babies, weddings, and birthdays. Automated emails and registry search boxes make it easy for friends and family to access the registry. You can keep track of all items purchased, view the quantities remaining, and send updates to the registry owner when new items are purchased.

Gifting Options

Allow customers to purchase physical and virtual gift certificates/cards for your store and select gift- wrapping for individual products or complete orders during check out for convenient gift-giving. Your administrators can easily configure applicable pricing and taxes for gift-wrapping options.

Private Sales

Offer exclusive shopping experiences for your most valuable customers with a private or flash sale site. You can control how long private sales last and who is invited to participate, as well as boost interest by allowing customers to invite their friends to join in and by displaying a countdown timer showing time remaining until the sale is over.

Add to Cart by SKU

Streamline the ordering process, especially for B2B customers, by enabling them to enter a list of SKUs without having to go into product pages. This simplifies large orders, recurring orders, and ordering based on offline catalogues.

Configurable Order Tracking Widget

Customers can track the status of existing orders and returns without logging in to their account.

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