Posted 11 April 2016

Dynamic Marketing with Magento 2.0

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The goal for merchants today is clear: consistently deliver great customer experiences that turn first-time buyers into loyal customers. Magento’s open, flexible platform empowers merchants to quickly and cost- effectively create innovative shopping experiences across all touch points that attract new customers and inspire them to return again and again.

Dynamic Marketing and Merchandising is an additional, advanced feature found exclusively in Magento Enterprise Edition.

Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising

Create personalized shopping experiences that boost conversion rates by dynamically displaying content and promotions to specific customers based on properties such as customer address, order history, shopping cart contents, wish list items, and more. You can also target unknown site visitors based on products viewed or items in cart.

Customer Attribute Management

Further personalise sales and marketing efforts by easily adding new customer attributes such as gender, date of birth, alternate phone numbers, etc. to customer profiles. These attributes can be used to create new or more sophisticated customer segments for customized marketing campaigns and content.

Visual Merchandizer

Boost conversion rates and dramatically cut the time it takes to optimize product category pages with a suite of tools to easily and visually manage product merchandising. Manually position products using a simple drag-and-drop interface or use automated sorting rules to organize category pages to feature best sellers, highest-margin products, newest products, and more. Also, save time by using Visual Merchandiser to automatically assign products to categories based on pre-set rules, to clone categories, or to create dynamic categories, such as “new products” or “on sale items” based on product attributes.

Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations

Set automated rules to determine which products to present as up-sells, cross-sells, and related products to different customer segments. Rules are easily administered through a condition-based tool. This allows you to effortlessly target specific product suggestions to encourage additional purchases and higher average order values.

Solr Search

Magento Enterprise Edition integrates with Solr3, a standalone, enterprise-scale search server to provide improved search performance and relevancy. Solr can identify and offer suggestions for customer misspellings, support synonyms and stop words, and use attribute weighting in search results. It can also generate search results for layered navigation. Note: Solr search will be replaced by Elastic Search in Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1

Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Increase sales by automating email reminders to customers with abandoned shopping carts and wish lists. Email reminder campaigns can be triggered based on a wide variety of conditions, such as time since a cart or wish list was abandoned, the total cart value, or specific items in the cart. You can also include coupon codes in the email reminders to encourage shoppers to return to your site.

Content Management System

Magento Enterprise Edition includes CMS enhancements to help you create content that distinguishes your store from your competition, increases your visibility to search engines, and supports your customers. The CMS includes a WYSIWYG editor and page hierarchy system to organize content pages and add pagination, navigation, and menus. Create multiple versions of a page, track the revision history of each, and restore previous versions, if needed. You can also set permissions to control who can create and publish content.

Category View and Purchase Permissions per Customer Group (Limited Catalogue Access)

Manage the products and categories that can be viewed and purchased by each customer group. B2B businesses use this feature to offer custom sets of products to different accounts.


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