Posted 14 June 2015

Fashion festival business findings

Written By : Marco Rosano Visit Marco's LinkedIn Profile

Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

I recently attended the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Business Seminar 2010. I went with high expectations, from a world-class speakers list including Francisco Costa – Women’s Creative Director, Calvin Klein Collection, Sojin Lee – Co-founder,, and Sarah Curran – CEO of the UK’s fastest moving retail business There was a strong focus on using the web to inform, promote and sell direct to customers. My personal highlights (that relate to Wolf’s clients) were: how online fashion stores gear their terms of trade (e.g. returns policies), and also the use of reporters and video to actively inform consumers. For example, has a team of reporters that create video blog articles and content. They literally had a team of six visit Melbourne as part of the festival, to generate site content!

 Originally published 10 December 2014

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