Posted 14 June 2015

Nail the etiquette of inbound marketing

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Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

Sure SEO is important and you want potential customers to find your business and stick with it, but it’s important to remember the niceties of inbound marketing too. You need to be clear and you need to be polite, and this is particularly important in the realms CTAs (Calls to Action) and thank you pages.

Calls to Action are exactly that – they are calling someone to act upon something, whether that is a competition with a button that says ‘Enter here!’ or a special offer that says ‘Download a free voucher’. So when you go about creating a CTA, there are best practices to consider.

As mentioned, make it clear that it’s something people need to act upon – make it enticing and instructive. Use keywords that match up with the landing page users are being redirected to. For example, ‘Download a guide to the world’s best candy’ should send them to a landing page on the world’s best candy, so search engines can see the pages are similar.

Make your CTAs catchy and put them where they belong. Calls to Action need to be easily located, eye-catching and irresistible. Don’t make them small and pasty, buried at the bottom of the page. And don’t put them on irrelevant pages! There’s no point putting a CTA that says ‘Download a guide to meerkats’ on a page that’s all about online marketing. Put them in front of interested eyes.

Once users have interacted with your CTAs through inbound marketing and have downloaded a document or entered a competition, it’s time to remember your manners and say ‘thank you’.

After you’ve laid out your message of thanks, give them what they’ve asked for! Make sure the directions for downloading the offer are clear and simple, and explain every step of the process. (Thank you pages are also ripe opportunities for moving potential leads further down the sales funnel. If they’ve been interested to download something from you, perhaps they can be tempted to interact with your business on a more serious level.)

Within the thank you page, not only can you potentially move customers down the sales funnel, you can also keep them engaged with your company by providing CTAs that lead them to your blog, your social media, info pages or simply the homepage so they can have a look around the rest of your site. (Don’t optimize your thank you page for SEO because you want users to have to complete a form in order to reach them.)

Originally published 11 January 2015

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