Posted 26 November 2016

Christmas Promotional Ideas Checklist For Online Retailers

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We’re at the pointy end of the year when festivities are front of mind and it’s all about the Christmas shopping. But the malls are madness so if you want to capitalise on the attraction of online shopping, we’ve got some neat marketing ideas to really amp up that all-important end-of-year revenue boost.


Christmas is a heavy-duty time for any e-commerce site, so you need to plan ahead and prime your site. There’s good news for retailers in most product categories. During the holidays, search interest peaks across the board. Here’s how it looks across the region (2015 Holiday Season vs. Rest of the Year):

Source: Google internal search data, September 20, 2015–January 9, 2016, APAC, data compared to the rest of 2015.

Source: Google internal search data, September 20, 2015–January 9, 2016, APAC, data compared to the rest of 2015.

  1. Budget: Allocate extra funds to your advertising budget as the cost of advertising can go up at this time of year. Holiday traffic increased 60% year-on-year on Google Shopping in 2015, so be prepared.
  2. Be Responsive: It goes without saying that your site must be responsive if it isn’t already. Time is of the essence at this point in the year, so people are shopping online whenever they can, with a significant percentage of transactions done via mobile.
  3. Be Supportive: Chunk up your customer support team to deal with any customer queries and convert them to sales. Also, make sure your site is super stable and robust to avoid money-draining site crashes – ramp up your tech support team too.


We are all busy right? So are your customers. Make sure you’re highlighting key information so that your customers are sure what they’re getting around Christmas time. Look how Rebel Sport are putting Christmas front and center this year:

rebel sport christmas home page

  1. Gift Cards: When customers are short on time or big on indecision, gift cards are a very popular option. Make sure you place them prominently on your site and offer both boxed physical gift cards and virtual ones.
  2. Offers: Highlight offers, extended hours, free shipping or anything special that you have to offer.
  3. Shipping Times: People get very nervy shopping online when they need an item by a particular, immoveable time, so make sure you let people know when the cut-off date for shipping is. Make it loud and clear that there are x number of days left to order goods that will arrive in time for Christmas.
  4. Returns: Similarly, be very clear about your returns policy and the turnaround time should customers want to exchange something before or after Christmas. Online shopping can be a gamble so make your policy clear and friendly. If people feel secure that they can return something that wasn’t suitable, they’re much more ready to shop. Make sure you have a delivery options landing page so timeframes and costs are laid out clearly.


So now you’re ready to convert those Christmas customers it’s time to go out and grab them with our expert promotional tips. Online bike retailer nail it with their Christmas Gifts promotion pages:


  1. 12 Days of Christmas: Use your social channels to promote daily specials and gift ideas. Make sure your inventory is in sync with product promotions.
  2. Gifts ‘For’: Create a curated gift section with bundle-buy suggestions – these pages are major time savers and can hold a vast array of products are various price points and for various demographics. A ‘stocking stuffer’ page is also a handy idea for quick, small gifts.
  3. Last Minute Email: Don’t forget to send out a quick email to capture any last minute shoppers too – remind them it’s not too late if they order now and put together an enticing and easy EDM to make that click and shop a perfectly painless experience.


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