Posted 14 June 2015

Burberry: new adventures in digital shopping

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Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

Rescuing bricks and mortar

It’s no new concern that bricks and mortar businesses have taken a reeling body blow in the face of online shopping, but iconic British fashion brand Burberry are looking to blur the lines between the physical and digital shopping experience and lure real live people back into a real live store, using some innovative interactive technology.

How does it work?

Items like bags and coats are embedded with digital tags. Scan them with your mobile device and they’ll boot up a short film about how the item is made. Alternatively, if you try on one of the embedded garments and go to check yourself out in front of one of the store’s high-tech mirrors, the mirror will transform into a screen so you can see how the garment looks on the runway.

Burberry World Live

The store is being referred to as ‘Burberry World Live’ and, with a 22ft-high screen, 500 hidden speakers and a hydraulic stage, it aims to feel like the physical manifestation of their website. Trippy, huh? Soon we won’t be debating ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ but ‘Which came first, the store or the site?’

Originally published 5 January 2015


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