Posted 14 June 2015

4 simple steps to creating valuable content

Written By : Marco Rosano Visit Marco's LinkedIn Profile

Stuart Gonsal founded Wolf in 2014. He presents extensively to industry groups and is on the Advisory Committee for Swinburne University’s Masters of Commerce (International Business).

There have been big changes in the way businesses approach internet marketing. The amount of information you can find out about a company online is vast, but this shouldn’t be scary. The sooner you realize this, the faster you can produce meaningful content, and here’s how:

1.  Understand your customer base

Know what your customer base wants, this is the first step to being their first stop for what they are looking for.  Understanding your buyers’ pains and processes is the first step to creating content with a purpose!  If you don’t know their concerns…find out!  One of the first steps in any inbound marketing campaign is to build buyer personas based on the different products or services you provide.  Having several personas for the several potential clients is crucial; know the key information including the industry they’re in, their job title and any major concerns they have.


2.  Tailor this content for your buyers

After creating your personas, start to create specific content specific for each buyer persona.  Office assistants seeking information on SEO companies is going to require much more introductory level information on the topic than someone in IT or Marketing.

Something else to remember is that you are going to be getting inbound information from customers that are at different stages in the buying cycle.  Someone just starting may need an introductory blog whereas someone further down the funnel may need more specific resources, possibly in the form of a client testimonial or eBook.

3.  Share it at the right time and in the right place

So you have all of this great content, everything is live, but you don’t seem to be getting traction.  Why?  Because it’s about timely and thoughtful distribution!  You’ve spent much time researching and writing on all these different topics so that your target audience will come to you for their information, but before they start coming to you, they need to know you exist.  Getting your message out is crucial to the success of your campaign, so start distributing based on your buyers personas through channels that you see fit.

4.  Take a breath, and then repeat

Congratulations!  You’ve just successfully created content with a purpose, but your work isn’t done yet.  Because you have content ready to be pushed through the pipeline to different personas doesn’t mean you can take a break.  There should always be new information to push through, new blogs, eBooks, social media posts, etc.  Take advantage of analytics, find out why some of your offers are more successful than others, and tweak based on these findings.


It isn’t easy becoming a leader in this industry, but if you continue to push, you will reap the benefits.  Your customers are hungry for information and content, so feed them the content they deserve.

Originally published 2 April 2015


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