Strategy & Branding

An effective digital strategy must be coordinated, focused and smarter than the sum of its parts. Wolf Interactive will align every channel of your business at your ultimate goal. It’s about thorough up-front planning and smart implementation of there plans. It’s also about researching your market and creating positive customer experiences for every point of contact they will have with your business.

Engagement Options

Wolf offers high-level methods of engagement, including research projects to explore potential markets, stakeholder workshops for a digital perspective on new opportunities, and statistical analysis and coaching on new technologies. We also offer sales funnel mapping, analysing and optimising systems, roles and processes, and CEO-level development roadmaps for a concise visual summary of your digital strategy.

Advanced Analytics

Data is beautiful. Data is powerful. With the smart use of analytics, you can make sure everything is working and growing as it should. If it isn't, Wolf's digital strategists can work with you providing clear direction for future planning. We monitor and analyse eCommerce conversion tracking, social media engagement, user goals and pathways, click tracking, marketing/PR initiative landmarks, member contacts and email tracking.


If you're bringing a new service to market, or you simply want to branch out and evolve your current business, Wolf offers full branding services. We can create a whole look and feel from scratch or use your existing brand and build upon that, refreshing the look but staying on message. We can provide development and strategy, through to designing accompanying materials and style guides and mapping out a digital implementation.

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Leonard Joel Auction House

Leonard Joel Auction, the largest auction house of art, antiques and collectables, wanted a digital strategy that brought an online service in line with the physical auction house, built membership and enabled online bidding. We created a clean, simple and professional design with a dynamic Featured Auction panel, news updates and calendars. We integrated a third party into their internal system to enable online bidding, upped their social media presence and created instructional videos for bidders.

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